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We are available in the following countries

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We are Creditstar Group.
Our Business is Consumer Finance. We Focus on Innovation.
Explore the site for more insight into our activities and discover what makes us different. Once there's anything that sparks your interest to reach us, we're happy to talk further.


Our companies offer innovative financial products
that help people manage everyday expenses.
Since 2006 we continue to rethink financial services by offering new and better financial products that meet the needs of our consumers in a convenient, affordable, and transparent manner.

Along the way, there's already a series of business excellence awards and rankings, we've been lucky to have garnered and been featured in. Among them, the European Business Awards.
Our Purpose & Core Beliefs
We essentially run our business with hundreds of thousands of our valued clients in mind. For them, we want to be simple, straightforward, smart, transparent and respectful. Our aspirations are set high and we work hard to deliver. Here's what guides us:
Our Mission
We want our service to make people's everyday lives a little easier. Our clients can rely on us, when they need a simple and transparent short term financial assistance.
Our Vision
We aim to deliver a simpler approach to personal financial services. We manage our client relationships with a positive tone, by being friendly and respectful. And we want to be a service provider who our clients trust, but moreover who they actually like.
Firmly Responsible & Mindful
We give our best, to meet the expectations of our
clients as well as the society at large
It's the cornerstone of our business. This also means turning down requests for loans, however we communicate these decisions in a way that our clients clearly understand. When our clients require assistance in getting a clear idea of their financial position, our loan and debt advisors are always willing to counsel.
Our success comes with trust that is earned
over a period of time
Keeping a friendly and respectful attitude has been essential for our growth.
Provenly Innovative
Making things simple and easy to use often involves
significant complexities behind the scenes
To develop intuitive online service environments or making smart risk models even smarter. We've pushed those edges and have made our marks in several of our markets all in order to increase convenience for our clients. As a company, we've also received several recognitions of excellence for these achievements.
Dynamic & Responsive. And Vice Versa
It is really important for us to constantly keep an eye
on the changes in the society in our markets
How the economy evolves and how people adapt to it; what affects our clients' everyday needs; what are their latest perceptions to new technologies and so forth. This ensures that our offerings are relevant and prices competitive. What is more, this helps us to adjust our objectives in order to keep the focus on innovation.
Our Services
We offer unsecured short-term loans to qualified clients. We've developed a simple and quick application process for this.

Currently we provide loans up to € 2,000. The repayments are between fifteen days to one year. The key convenience lies in the flexibility of our system - how our clients can set the details of their loan in terms of how much and for how long do they need it.

Our services are available online, via mobile as well as through selected cooperating partners in some markets. Our clients can manage their accounts online or give us a call and we'll gladly assist.
Group Management
Aaro Sosaar
Sven Silver
Valter Kaleta
Chief of Business Development

Responsible Practices

At Creditstar, we are committed to responsible lending. It means that we are selective in giving out approvals to loan applications. We also urge our potential and existing clients to consider all the flip sides of the coin before taking on a new financial commitment. Our service is something that needs to be communicated with great integrity and we do our best to meet the expectations of all parties involved.
We seek to lend only when our clients can afford to repay
Our risk and decision making procedures and application approval processes are cutting edge sophisticated. We are following a strict, detailed and sensible loan criteria process, including the use of credit scoring, credit reference agency checking and sufficient income verification. All of this helps to make sure our clients have the capacity to repay and that we make fair-minded and responsible decisions. Quickly and twenty-four hours a day.
All things important are communicated loud and clear
Our clients always have all the figures and fees upfront, before they apply for a loan. It is mutual trust that we want to build up with our clients. So therefore, on one hand we want to make sure our marketing follows all the required practices, ethical & legal. On the other hand, we allow our clients to increase their borrowing limit gradually over time – they need to demonstrate financial responsibility in order to gain access to wider availabilities.
We stand by our clients in all circumstances that may happen
Even though we maintain strict and sensible lending policies, we cannot preclude the matter that our clients may happen to land into unexpected low-points in their financial positions. We will do our best to understand and resolve such occasions reasonably. Free of charge financial counseling, extended payment options, discounted refinancing and interest penalty waivers are all solutions that we are able and willing to consider.
Wise and well-considered decisions, prior to actions
Our service is simple, quick and flexible, yet it is not the cheapest way to borrow money. As our goal is to build trusting and transparent relationships with our clients, we want to make sure they know everything there is about conditions and fees. We insist and communicate clearly that our clients would only apply for our services, when they feel comfortable with repayment of the amount and terms of the loan they are interested in.

Same, same, but Different

We're entrepreneurial. Our people are spirited and our team is diverse. Young & old. From different nationalities. We try to empower people so that they give practical impact to improving our service and we feel it's coming along pretty fine. Last but not least, we also think our working environment is friendly & fun. Sounds like every other professional and ambitious company? It may be, yet we do have our own twists & surprises :)

Here's more insight on what roles different teams play in our functioning:
Client Services & Support
The voice of our company. It is assisting and knowledgeable. It has a friendly yet respectful tone. It is what our clients experience every time they speak with our client representatives and client advisors.
Our business is based on technology and constantly improving it. We focus on user experience and efficiency.
Finance & Risk Management
It puts in place all the systems and procedures that we follow and reflects back on how it all looks in numbers and figures.
Marketing & Communications
The team has an objective to grow our client base, so it explores new and innovative channels to put us visible and increase the awareness of our brand.
Administrative & HR
The team ensures that we are adaptable, react quickly and have all the things needed to keep the business running efficiently.
Business Development
A part of our whole that drives the growth - sets our aims & identifies new opportunities, builds partnerships and works out strategies to make us stand out in the competition.

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